Teafarmer, teamaster and teajudge Jack

The origin of my real teas

I find all my teas directely on the tea fields of the tea families, without middlemen. Every season I wil choose the best and most exclusive tea’s to bring back to the Netherlands.

To guarantee the exclusivity, we don’t choose to buy all tea’s from one farmer or importer. This might have been easier, but I believe that every tea farmer can only make one tea really well.

So per tea and per season I will try all variations and make a well-considered choice.

Tea salon owner Chiao

The taste of my real teas

Real tea is natural tea. The tea leaves are grown and processed in an organic way and all the flavors and flavors you experience come from the tea leaves themselves without any additions.

This is not only important for environmental and health reasons, but pesticides, chemical agents or any form of flavor additives also affect the uniqueness and complexity of the tea. Growing tea leaves in an organic way preserves the natural uniqueness and complexity of tea leaves.

The main characteristic of real tea is a multi-layered, evolving taste with a smooth and long lasting aftertaste.